Busy Saturday for Three at Ability Plumbing and Heating

Ability Plumbing and Heating

This Saturday proved to be one of the busiest Saturdays at Ability Plumbing and Heating in some time. With Max on a boiler installation, all day and Tom covering call outs during the day, both our technical engineers were able to give that little bit extra to Ability Plumbing and Heating and you the customer. With Daniel covering emergency call outs Saturday evening and all day Sunday, Ability Plumbing and Heating had the Weekend covered.

Ability Plumbing and Heating

We start the week this Monday morning with some training for one of our engineer’s on Oil boiler technical installation and testing. With various other call outs and servicing calls booked too, our team at Ability Plumbing and Heating today will be kept very busy. Two Boiler installations are booked in later this week meaning there is plenty going on. However, if there is anything you need, whether it be plumbing, heating or gas related please do not hesitate to call us anytime as we will always have engineers available for your needs. There is no job too small here at Ability so please give us a call on 0800 889015.

This morning’s research at Ability is related to the Thermostatic radiator valve. In this particular post the Drayton TRV 4. A Classic robust and long life proven valve we highly recommend them.

Drayton TRV 4

The TRV4 Classic is ‘A’ rated for efficiency by the European valve manufacturers association making it one of the most energy efficient TRVs available.

Ability Plumbing and Heating
The Classic Drayton TRV4

Available since 1993 and still Britain’s best-selling range of Thermostatic Radiator Valves Drayton’s TRVs set the standards for design, performance and quality. The range includes Lockshield and Pushfit packs to suit domestic and commercial heating systems.

  • 15mm Angle
  • ‘A’ rated
  • Reverse flow
  • Accurate liquid sensor
  • Non-stick internals
  • Balance system via the TRV

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