Bio LPG, The Future for LPG and Lowering Carbon Emissions

Ability has heating engineers in the Kent, East and West Sussex area. With the government aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 80% of those recorded in 1990 we are interested in the developments of green fuel and in particular Bio LPG.

LPG is currently made during natural gas processing and oil refining. LPG is extracted from heated crude oil through a distillation process and has 3 elements, propane, butane and isobutane. Bio LPG is made 100% from renewable materials and reduces the impact on the environment through offsetting carbon.

The Government are encouraging those living off the grid to consider the environmental impact of their fuel choice, by using Bio LPG as opposed to oil the households carbon foot print could be reduced by 38%

Bio LPG has the same chemical composition as regular LPG so can be used with all existing standard boilers and appliances. Bio LPG has can delivered and stored the same as its existing counterpart.

Calor and Liquid Gas UK have both launched Bio LPG products that can be used to heat our homes and the industry are hoping that the transition from LPG to Bio LPG will be 100% by 2040.

Production volumes have increased to around 200 thousand tonnes annually however it is still only 1% of the market for fossil fuels. Bio LPG reduces carbon emissions by 90% and could be used to fuel up to two million off-grid homes as well as businesses such as mobile caterers throughout the UK.

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