Weekend Boiler Installation and Plumbers Heating Solutions

Weekend Boiler Installation and Plumbers Heating Solutions

This weekend  Ability had a Boiler Installation and three other gas engineers and plumbers on call and working towards heating solutions and hot water solutions. Daniel and his apprentice worked until late on Saturday to see our customer in Tonbridge Kent had good heating and plenty of hot water.

plumbers-heating-heating solutions-boiler installation
Valliant boiler that we repaired in a loft

Our engineer Tom had different plumbing, heating and gas repair or installation call outs and also worked into the evening. Its important to us to see everyone gets seen to when it comes to oil boiler repairs or gas appliance issues. These visits were spread out between Crowborough East Sussex, Tunbridge Wells in Kent and Borough Green near Sevenoaks in Kent. While Matthew had a quotation to attend to for an LPG boiler installation and Heating system upgrade for a charity in East Grinstead, one of our contract companies.

So with four of us working on Saturday of this weekend, there was plenty of activity at Ability plumbing and heating.

Emergency late night calls result in a leaking Magnetic filter and Valliant boiler fault.

On Saturday evening late a call came in for no heating in Tunbridge Wells and aleak next to the boiler on the magnetic filter. There was evidence once it was removed that the filter hadn’t be cleaned or the boiler serviced in some time. The Honeywell wireless room thermostat was not communicating with the receiver, and this had to be reconfigured. On Sunday evening an emergency plumber was required for a visit to Hawkenbury in Kent. Here a Valliant boiler fitted in the loft had over pressurised and shut down for safety reasons. The F75 fault code is a common issue on this particular combination boiler and so we knew how to get the boiler going again.

plumbers-heating-heating solutions-boiler installation
Before and after shot of Fernox TF1 magnetic filter

We will be providing a new page with hints and tips and so will cover some of what not to do, with regards to boiler operation. So watch this space! In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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