Boiler Repair at Ability Proves Long Life of Manufacturers Design

Boiler Repair

A boiler repair carried out here at Ability recently showed an interesting insight into the standards of manufacturing of the 1990’s.  This Potterton Profile, a popular boiler of its day has been serviced and maintained by Ability for almost 25 years. A boiler repair that proved to us the excellent standards of British manufacturing.

When asked by a customer here at Ability as to whether its time to change, renew or upgrade a boiler or heating/hot water system, we have to take several factors into careful consideration and provide the right advice on the circumstances of the customer as well as the system in question and their home.

boiler repair
25-year-old Potterton Profile still going strong.
boiler repair
25-year-old Potterton Profile still going strong.

So a repair on a boiler, this one in East Grinstead is often our first approach, and it is at the engineer’s discretion to use his or her initiative and make a positive decision based on the facts and the customer’s needs as well as the customers choice.

In the particular case, we came across recently it was right to make the repair. First, we take into account the cost. Then the longevity of the appliance and also the practicalities. The boiler was in top condition for its age; the customer explained that they were happy with both the performance of the heating and hot water when it’s working. The fact that we had replaced other, more common components that fail after many years due to wear and tear like the fan, the customer and our engineer at Ability decided it was the right decision to replace the air pressure switch.  This is anther moving component that like the fan does have a limited lifespan. However, almost 25 years is a pretty good run. So for a very acceptable cost, we were able to provide our customer in West Sussex with heating and hot water and once again leave with a satisfied job done.

Today we are in Crowborough East Sussex,  Crawley West Sussex, Lingfield in Surrey and both Sevenoaks and Tonbridge in Kent. Please do not hesitate to call on 0800889015 for any plumbing or heating needs.

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