Frantic Friday brings a Boiler Repair Engineer to East Grinstead

Boiler Repair Engineer

It’s going to be a busy day here at Ability with a boiler repair engineer already on his way to a local call in East Grinstead. Fortunately, he lives in the Crawley area and so doesn’t have far to travel.

It’s busy in the office on this Friday Morning. There is also plenty to do with a mountain of invoices to file, quotes to process and bills to pay!

That’s all part of the running of Ability here at the head office in Tunbridge Wells. The boiler repair engineer has an impressive job as it’s a Potterton Kingfisher on a gravity hot-water system that Ability have serviced and maintained for several years now.

Once finished in East Grinstead our boiler engineer will go onto his next call in Maidstone. This is not too troublesome as by that time the M25 should be less busy after rush hour.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

At Ability, we highly recommend a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. For all gas appliances from gas fires to gas cookers or boilers, you can never be too safe. So today we want to give you an idea of what to do in your home for your safety.

boiler repair engineer
Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Ensure that any work carried out in relation to gas appliances in domestic or commercial premises is to be undertaken by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, competent in that area of work
  • The HSE strongly advises that gas appliances and flues are installed and serviced regularly for safety by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. If you live in tenanted accommodation, your landlord has a legal duty to carry out an annual gas safety check and maintain gas appliances. They must provide you with a copy of the completed gas safety check certificate
  • If you have a wood or coal burning stove fitted, make sure a HETAS engineer fits it as an approved installer. Make sure your chimneys are swept twice a year
  • Always make sure there is enough fresh air in the room containing your gas, oil or solid fuel appliance. If you have a chimney or a flue, ensure it is not blocked up and also ensure that vents are not covered
  • Do not use appliances like paraffin heaters and cabinet heaters in your house
  • Never take a BBQ into a building or tent when it is still warm. When the embers have nearly died down, the BBQ will produce vast amounts of carbon monoxide!

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