Adjust your boiler to reduce your heating bill

Homes can be very expensive to keep warm currently due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. However, one way to potentially cut the cost of your bills is to learn how to use your boiler more efficiently. Although simply turning down your thermostat may be effective, another step that you can take is to change your flow temperature.

Changing your flow temperature might not be a great solution for everyone, as some people need to keep their flow temperature high. You may not be able to go too low if you have a heat-only or a system boiler which stores hot water in a tank. However, many boilers are able to take advantage of this solution. If you have a condensing combi boiler, you may be able to set your heating flow temperature to 50-70°C or lower to reduce costs. Many boilers are set by default to heat water to 75-80°C, but making this change could make a significant difference to your fuel bill.

How much can I save by reducing my flow temperature?

A study carried out by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) found that it was possible to generate savings of 6-8% on gas bills when you lower your radiator flow to 50%. The Heating Hib said that you could be able to save an additional 5-10% of your combi boiler is made by Ideal, Vaillant or Worcester just by switching off your pre-heat. The specific savings that you can make may depend on various factors like the size of your home. When you reduce your flow temperature, you’ll find that your radiators won’t feel as hot when you touch them, and it will take more time for each room to reach the desired temperature.

Am I likely to benefit from reducing my flow temperature?

If your home is insulated well, your boiler should function more efficiently, and you shouldn’t need to use as much energy to reach the same temperature. This can help you to save money.  If you have the kind of home which heats up quickly when you turn your radiators on, you are particularly likely to benefit from reducing your flow temperature. However, if your home only has small, old radiators or isn’t well insulated, you may not benefit from this as your system may struggle to work efficiently with a lower flow temperature.

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