Eight ways to keep your home warm this winter

If you live in the UK, chances are that you start using your central heating more in early autumn. You’ll probably keep on using it every day until the spring. The winter months can be very expensive due to our substantial reliance on home heating systems. Heating your home may count for around 70% of your overall energy consumption. If you can find ways to reduce this, you can not only reduce your energy bills but do your bit for the environment too.

These home heating tips can help you stay warm and spend less.

  1. Your curtains can keep your home warmer than you might think. Close any gaps between your curtains to trap warm air in your home and shut the curtains as soon as it gets dark.
  1. Moving your sofa is more effective than you might think when it comes to cutting your heating bills. If your sofa is placed in front of a radiator, it may be absorbing heat that you could be using to keep your home warm. Moving it elsewhere will improve the circulation of heat.
  1. Boosting your home insulation can also help. Approximately 25% of heat is lost via your roof. Installing 25cm of insulation in your loft can help you reduce this. Cavity wall insulation can also deliver big benefits and cut your fuel bills by around £160 a year.
  1. If your central heating system has a timer, use it. Programme your heater to switch on around 30 minutes before you plan to wake up. If you opt for a lower temperature and let it warm up, this will cost you less than simply switching it on at a higher temperature when you wake. Avoid leaving your heating on low during the day whilst you’re at work as this will just waste heat.
  1. Insulate your hot water tank if you have one. This will ensure your water stays warm for longer. You could save around £150 a year by doing this according to the Energy Community. If you already have insulation, it may be worth upgrading it for something newer and more efficient.
  1. Avoid opting for an unnecessarily high temperature. You can save a substantial sum by setting your thermostat to 18°C rather than 21°C, which should still be enough to keep you comfortable.
  1. Using a draught excluder can also be more effective than you might think. Rubber seals placed around your doors and windows are simple to install and can help you win the battle against discomfort and high energy bills.
  1. Today’s home heating systems give you more control over your heating. According to a University of Salford study, you can spend around 40% less than a household without heating controls. Replacing an old boiler can also make your budget go further. Most modern boilers are much more energy-efficient than the systems from years gone by. Opt for an A-rated condensing boiler if possible as this can save you around £350 a year.

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