How to prepare your plumbing for winter

Winter is coming, so if you want to be fully prepared for the colder months of the year and take steps to avoid plumbing-related issues as the temperatures start to drop, it’s a great idea to take advice from leading plumbing specialists.

Preparing your plumbing for colder months

Taking steps to protect your home from the colder weather is a great way to prevent costly problems with your plumbing. One great step that you can take is to ask a qualified plumber to carry out an inspection of your plumbing and ask them if there is anything you can do to prevent any expensive and inconvenient problems. Getting your boiler serviced is a great idea and can help you save a substantial amount of money in the long wrong. By taking action now, you can prevent a boiler breakdown from occurring at a very inconvenient time.

Look at your pipes

If you have any vulnerable pipes running through parts of your home that are unheated, have them insulated. By insulated any exposed pipework, you can safeguard it from the cold and prevent them from bursting. Although you may be able to install insulation yourself, it’s normally best to have it installed by a professional who can carry out the work to the highest standard possible. They may also be able to add it to hard-to-reach areas and even re-route your pipes if this is beneficial.

What if I’m leaving home for the winter?

If you are spending time away from home during the winter, shut off your water supply completely and drain your system. If you don’t use your pipes for a long period of time and don’t drain them, they could burst. A qualified plumber can carry out this work on your behalf.

Why should I use a fully qualified plumber?

Although it can be tempting to carry out work yourself or ask a friend or relative with some plumbing experience to do it, it’s normally best to leave things to the professionals. If you use somebody who isn’t qualified to carry out this work, the job may not be done to a sufficient standard and costly mistakes could be made.

Who can help me prepare my plumbing for winter in the South East?

One company who can assist you if you need to make your plumbing winter-ready is Ability. At Ability, we have been carrying out this work for many years and have built up an outstanding reputation for ourselves. We are fully qualified to carry out plumbing work and have over forty years of experience in this field. Why not get in touch today if you need help with plumbing in the South East?

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