Key facts about landlord safety checks

If you’re a landlord renting out property to tenants, you’re legally obliged to arrange an annual gas safety check. Some people wonder if they still need to carry out an annual gas safety check if they’ve recently booked a gas service. However, the two processes are not the same, and you can’t postpone or cancel a service just because a check has been carried out.

What happens during an annual gas safety check?

During a gas safety check, a Gas Safe Registered engineer will inspect a range of gas appliances. These include cookers, boilers and gas fires. The engineer will make sure these appliances are working effectively and safely. They will make sure everything is operating at the correct pressure and that each appliance is receiving a sufficient amount of air. The engineer will also check that the appliances are burning gas adequately and that chimneys and flues are clear. They’ll make sure each appliance is capable of safely emitting gases and fumes to the exterior of your property. Safety devices will also be checked for efficiency.

What are the risks of failing to carry out checks?

If your appliances are not checked at least annually, dangerous gases could escape and harm your tenants. Some of these, including carbon monoxide, can be fatal.

Am I obliged to have a gas safety check?

If your property consists of gas appliances, it’s essential to get a Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out an annual check. Your annual service should also consist of an annual safety check, so you may not need to book both. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a free gas safety check. You’re more likely to be entitled if you have very young or old people living in the property.

Gas safety certificates

Landlords are legally obliged to book annual gas safety checks and prove they have been completed. At the end of the appointment, your engineer should provide you with a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate so you can prove that the checks have been made. The certificate will feature detailed information on the checks that were carried out. This document is also known as a CP12 certificate. If you are a landlord, you won’t be responsible for checking an appliance owned by a tenant, but you will need to run checks on appliances, flues and pipework that you have provided. The Gas Safe Register Website allows you to find out whether a company is Gas Safe Registered. You can type their trading name or business registration number into the search box.

Contact Ability to book an annual gas safety check

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