What is HVO and what potential does it have?

Many homeowners say they would like to run their properties in a more cost-efficient manner, but cost prevents them from doing so. However, there is growing enthusiasm across the industry for HVO as a low carbon heating solution. Paul Rose of OFTEC has been discussing the potential of HVO in an article published by Pham News.

Recent trials successful

Rose says successful HVO trials that took place recently show that HVO is a viable solution for off-grid properties. Plans outlined by the Government to reduce carbon emissions only support a small range of low carbon heating solutions according to Rose. He says these solutions tend to be require disruptive installation processes and can be expensive.

What are consumers looking for?

A survey of almost 1,500 oil-heated properties found that consumers were seeking value for money, simplicity and choice when making their homes eco-friendlier. 93% of those who took part in the survey said choice was important to them. More than two-thirds said they would simply choose the solution that gave them the best value for money. Just 7% said they would opt for the best solution regardless of how costly it was. Rose says many homeowners won’t want or will be unable to help the UK meet its 2050 net zero target unless low carbon solutions become more affordable.

About HVO

However, an alternative to heating oil called HVO or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil is being trialled by OFTECT and the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association. So far, results have shown that HVO works in all pre-existing oil heating systems. The conversion process costs around £500. HVO is made from sustainably certified waste materials and is able to cut carbon emissions by nearly 90%. HVO is now in use in 20 properties across the UK.

Future Ready Fuel

The two organisations have recently launched a campaign called Future Ready Fuel. This campaign has been designed to encourage consumers to find out more about HVO and put pressure on the Government to deliver solutions. The organisations hope HVO will become part of the Government’s off-grid carbon reduction policy in the near future.

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