What to expect from a boiler installation in the south east?

If you are thinking about installing a new boiler in the south east, there are a few things you need to consider. What’s right for one household isn’t always the best match for another. Here’s what you need to think about if you are ready to install a new boiler.

Boiler size

People who live in large family homes tend to use more water than those living in small apartments. If you have a high level of water usage, it could be best to opt for a conventional boiler, whilst a combi boiler could be the right match for you if you use less water. If you don’t have much space in your property, you may be best served by a combi boiler because you won’t need access to a hot water cylinder.

Where do you want to keep your new boiler?

If you want to keep disruption to a minimum, it’s a good idea to have your new boiler installed in the same place as the old one. Kitchens and cupboards are popular options. Nonetheless, your boiler can go in virtually any room. Just make sure the flue can be positioned correctly and it has the right pipework.

What will happen during the installation?

Your gas engineer will try to make the installation as simple as they can. You can expect them to cover your carpets and surfaces, bring all the materials they need with them, comply with legislation and tidy up afterwards. Your engineer will check a few things with you before they proceed such as how many radiators you have, what your water pressure is like and how many bathrooms are on your property. They will also find out where your existing boiler and flue are.

How long will the installation take?

It shouldn’t take more than a day for the installation to be completed if you’re swapping like-for-like. However, it could take longer if you’re installing a different kind of boiler or if your existing boiler is old.

How much can I expect to pay for a new boiler installation?

The price that you pay for a new boiler installation can depend on various factors such as which boiler you’re opting for and where you live. You can expect to pay more if you’re opting for a total system change. It’s wise to get a fixed-price quote before any work begins.

Which paperwork should I receive?

Your Gas Safe engineer should provide you with a Building Regulations Certificate and a Benchmark Certificate to show that the installation is compliant.

What will happen after the installation?

If the company you’re using is a reputable one, you can expect them to provide a guarantee on their services. Make sure you’re clear about how long your warranty will be before you go ahead.

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