Another successful day in the Plumbing Field and Gas Industry

Our Plumbing Field

In Sevenoaks this morning at Ability, a boiler needed attention, we are in the gas industry and our plumbing field-a Boiler Service Was carried out on this LPG Central Heating System. We Have Looked after this customers Gas Supply and Plumbing for over 10 years and this Potterton Boiler is still going after 23 years.

Plumbers in the Gas Industry

Plumbers work within residential, commercial or industrial properties to install and maintain water systems, including disposal, drainage and gas systems. In new construction, they work with blueprints to configure and install the plumbing systems. For maintenance and repair jobs, plumbers sometimes need to perform minor carpentry, such as cutting holes in walls to access pipes or hanging supports to hold pipes in place. They also install fixtures, such as shower-heads, sinks and bathtubs, and appliances that use water, such as dishwashers and water heaters.

plumbing field,lpg,boiler,gas,engineer,plumber
LPG Potterton Profile standard Efficiency boiler.



Pipe-fitters generally work in power and industrial plants, within the plumbing field or gas industry, where they install and maintain the pipe systems used for industrial purposes, such as manufacturing, power generation or large-scale heating and cooling systems. They work with both high-pressure and low-pressure systems. Pipe-fitters also install the automated controls that are used to regulate industrial systems, and they generally specialize in one specific type of system. so look for the gas industry and you will find your engineer in the plumbing field.

Plumbing Meaning

the system of pipes, tanks, fittings, and other apparatus required for the water supply, heating, and sanitation in a building.
“you may be able to get a grant to install proper plumbing and bathrooms”
  • the work of installing and maintaining a plumbing system.
    “the magazine gives a guide to the tools needed for home plumbing
  • informal
    used as a humorous euphemism for the excretory, urinary, or reproductive systems.
    “Maybe I should talk to my doctor about my plumbing.






Saturday Sunshine and Maintenance on Boilers Old and New

Boiler Maintenance

Today’s maintenance consisted of 5 home visits for 3 regular customers and 2 new also we are carrying out boiler maintenance and boiler pressure on all boilers old and new, a vast spectrum of performance and capability’s in operation and efficiency. Tom our senior engineer has finished for the day and Daniel is now on call. So we are always available and on hand to help you with your plumbing needs.

Boiler Pressure

boiler Maintenance-boiler pressure
Flushing and cleaning on all boilers and systems

If you are unfortunate enough to end up with frozen pipes your heating will come to a standstill, but luckily it’s a problem that’s easily fixed.

The best thing to do is to place a hot water bottle on the pipe, or pour warm water on it and then reset your thermostat.

Alternatively, you can boil a kettle and pour the boiling water over your pipes. You may need to do this a few times to properly thaw them though. This might take a while, but it will help keep your boiler service and maintenance cost low.

The most obvious sign of a dodgy boiler is quite simply when it’s not heating up water anymore. There’s no surer sign of a boiler not working than the heating not coming on, but the trouble may well start long before that, so it pays to know what to look out for.

Our Maintenance

boiler Maintenance-boiler pressure
Maintenance repairs on boilers old and new

One of the clearest signs to look out for is whether your boiler flame is clear blue. An orange or yellow gas flame is a great indicator of a problem and means it’s time to call your boiler engineer and we can carry our annual maintenance.

Boiler pressure is another clear indicator. If your boiler pressure is suddenly dropping or rising, or if the pressure remains too high for prolonged periods of time, it may be time to consider boiler servicing.

It’s also a bad sign if you hear clunking or ticking noises, particularly when your boiler starts up. Similarly, if your boiler is using significantly more gas than usual there may be a serious problem that should be investigated as soon as possible.


See one of our boiler services here.


A little on our gas fitters

Today we have a little information on our gas fitters, the evolution of the combi boiler, British manufacturers and mains water supply.

So as this week pulls to a close some are preparing their day off tomorrow or their night out Saturday. At Ability, we set the weekend rota between the Office, phones and Engineers on call. That’s how it is here at Ability, and this is how we continue to grow, with hard work and continuous long hours at times. Our gas fitters are always on call. mains water supply-british manufacturers-gas fitters

We are looking to provide you with an insight into the industry week by week and day by day if we can. So our regular Bolg posts and news feed updates are how we hope to keep up a good connection with our customers and build a relationship based on the truth about us and how we work, to improve our service to you the customer. So please call our gas fitters today.

Today we are going to talk about the Combination Boiler. A concept of the boiler that was not thought to take off in the industry, it was a revolution of its day and today dominates over 60% of the UK boiler market. This has seen us utilise our mains water supply.

The Combination Boiler-British Manufacturers

mains water supply-british manufacturers-gas fitters
A combi boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Therefore, no separate hot water cylinder is required, offering space saving within the property.

A brief history of its arrival and The mains water supply

British manufacturers were aware of what was happening in Europe and in the 1970’s a number of them had a stab at the combination boiler, but it was not until the late 1970’s when the imports started to arrive that the British manufacturers really started to take notice. We realised the benefits of using our mains water supply.

Even though the imports had started to arrive, it was only a trickle at this stage, and one of the main problems was that a mains water connection to a central heating system was simply not permitted and the use of makeup bottles and the like were seen as a poor alternative. A change in water regulations in the 80’s to allow a temporary mains ‘filling loop connection’ to be made to the mains water supply was precisely what the combination boiler market had been waiting for.

Home Hob and Another day in the plumbing and heating industry.

Home hob fitting and testing

Today we installed this stainless finish gas home hob with safety fed shut down devices and complete control isolation valves. Then went onto service a Worcester Bosch Combination condensing Gas Boiler. Pictures below.

A brief history of the gas cooker

Modern kitchen stoves may use alternative methods for heating food. Natural gas and electric stoves are the most common today in western countries. Both are equally effective and safe, and the choice between the two is largely a matter of personal preference and pre-existing utility outlets: if a house has no gas supply, adding one just to be able to run a gas stove is an expensive endeavor. In particular, professional chefs often prefer gas cooktops, for they allow them to control the heat more finely and more quickly. On the other hand, some chefs often prefer electric stoves because they tend to heat food more evenly. Today’s major brands offer both gas and electric stoves, and many also offer dual-fuel stoves combining gas and electric cooktops.

In the industrialized world, as stoves replaced open fires and braziers as a source of more efficient and reliable heating, models were developed that could also be used for cooking, and these came to be known as kitchen stoves.[3] When homes began to be heated with central heating systems, there was less need for an appliance that served as both heat source and cooker and stand-alone cookers replaced them. Cooker and stove are often used interchangeably.

The fuel-burning stove is the most basic design of kitchen stove. “Nearly half of the people in the world (mainly in the developing world), burn biomass (wood, charcoal, crop residues, and dung) and coal in rudimentary cookstoves or open fires to cook their food.”[4] More fuel efficient and environmentally sound biomass cook stoves are being developed for use there.

A warm day to be climbing into the loft however that’s what we do. Here’s today’s pictures.


home hob,gas,engineer,plumber
New integrated stainless steel gas hob

Warranty work means Another Satisfied Customer

Gazco offer good back up service and a longer warranty

Are you looking for a suitably trained and qualified individual? Are you looking for heatas registered or gassafe registered engineers? We were called out to this fire over two years ago when it was still under warranty with Gazco. Today we have been able to replace a valve and then service it too.

How long is the warranty for my gas heating appliance and what does it cover?

Gazco provides a 5-year Extended Warranty for your gas stove or fire appliance, which is ONLY available if you have purchased your product from our Expert Retailer Network and registered within one month of purchase or installation. Any Gazco product purchased outside of our Extended Retailer Network, or not registered within the stated time will carry a standard 12-month warranty.

If you would more information about the extent of your gas stove, fire or fireplace, please visit our Gazco gas stove or fire 5 Year Extended Warranty page.

You can visit your local Gazco retailer for more information.

Suitably trained and qualified individual

It is a condition of the Extended Warranty that the installation complies with relevant Building Regulations and the rules in force, and is carried out by a suitably trained and qualified individual (HETAS registered or GasSafe registered in the United Kingdom or equivalent in other countries) with a certificate of installation and the appropriate commissioning report completed and retained by the end-user. These can be found in your Installation and User Manual.

It is also a condition of the Extended Warranty that your Stovax and Gazco Stove or Fireplace is regularly serviced (every 12 months) by a suitably trained and qualified individual (HETAS registered or GasSafe registered in the United Kingdom or equivalent in other countries). Records and receipts of annual services will be required in the event of a claim during the period of the extended warranty. So see that your choice of an engineer is a suitably trained and qualified individual and make sure you are looking for a heatas registered or gassafe registered engineer.

A Heatas registered or Gassafe registered engineer

This warranty is not transferable and is extended only to, and solely for, the benefit of the original purchaser of the Stove or Fireplace. Please retain your dated sales receipt as a proof of purchase.

During your extended warranty period, only genuine Stovax or Gazco spare parts must be used in the servicing and maintenance of your Stove or Fireplace, these spare parts can be ordered via or, or from an Expert Retailer directly.

Consumable items such as glass, firebricks, grate parts, log retainers, baffles, ash pans, thermocouples, oxypilots, ceramic fuel effects, internal linings batteries and rope seals which are either subject to normal wear and tear or parts that require replacement in connection with normal maintenance are not covered.

Should you experience problems with your Stove or Fireplace, any claim must be submitted first to the Expert Retailer from where the stove was purchased. Your Expert Retailer will either be able to offer immediate assistance or make contact with Stovax and Gazco on your behalf. We will find you a suitably trained and qualified individual who is heatas registered or gassafe registered.


Suitably trained and qualified individual-heatas registered gassafe registered-warranty
Gazco Logic fire slide inset coal effect

Suitably trained and qualified individual-heatas registered gassafe registered-warranty