Cheap local Plumber? The Right Service at the Right Price.

Cheap Local Plumber?

One customer asks for a cheap local plumber. At Ability we are often reviewing our prices and overall cost. To stay competitive in a busy industry we have to. This is an area where we are as conscientious towards our charges as we are to the quality of our service and our work. We have kept our labour charge the same price for almost 10 years! 

We feel the upfront approach and genuine transparency regarding cost is a key ingredient to the running of the business. The feed back we receive from you the customer proves this to us. The decision to have a prices page on our website was to be clear from the start what we charge and keep the cost fair. This again is proof of our honesty as we have repeat customers. Over 80% of our weekly custom is regular customers and some that have been using us for years. So maybe its not always good to use a cheap local plumber.

Vaillant Boiler Service

Yesterday we had a regular customer taking advantage of our summer special Gas Boiler Service. This happens to be an LPG Vaillant ecoMax in the Crowborough East Sussex area. We have many customers living in this area. The discount means the customer gets a full service and peace of mind that the system is safe and working for the

cheap local plumber
Vaillant ecoMax LPG boiler service

fast approaching winter months.

cheap local plumber
Vaillant ecoMax LPG boiler service

The high efficiency boiler is well made and the Vaillant boiler manufacturer has stood the test of time. A well made German engineered product that was one of the first to enter into the combination boiler market back in the 1980’s. This particular model was a System boiler and as a pressurised modern high efficiency model the customer gets maximum for their money.

So if you require a plumber for the right job at the right price or a good gas engineer for the correct charge. Give us a call at Ability and not your cheap local plumber.

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