Combination Boiler Plus and Heat in Buildings

Combination Boiler Plus and Heat in Buildings

Heard about the combination boiler plus scheme? Know anything about heat in buildings?  New Rules on boiler installs! From April 2018 the legislation around heating manufacture and installation in the UK is changing, and there are some big changes to come. Here at Ability, we can explain what it means to you and us.combination boiler plus-boiler plus-heat in buildings

These changes have been named ‘Boiler Plus’ and are being introduced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). They address the energy efficiency of heating systems and have raised the bar for both manufacturers and installers in the heating industry.

The new ‘Boiler Plus’ standards that have been outlined will improve the way many people use energy in their homes by giving them greater choice, greater control, and tangible savings on their energy bills. See the boiler guide click here!

Combination Boiler Installation

Here at Ability, we are able to try and help you the customer understand how this works.

The main crux of the legislation is:

  • Combi boiler replacements must have a minimum efficiency of 92% ErP

However, homeowners and installers must then select from four different energy-saving measures to work alongside this:

  • Load compensation control
  • Weather compensation control
  • Smart thermostat with automation and optimisation
  • Flue gas heat recovery unit with a time and temperature control

Here at Ability, we are gearing up for the new changes all the time. trying to stay one step ahead of the game for the benefit of the customer and the environment can be challenging, however, at Ability, we thrive from this.

Heat in Buildings

If you would like to know more about the combination boiler plus initiative then just drop us a line via email and we will point you in the direction of interesting literature and relevant websites.

combination boiler plus-boiler plus-heat in buildings

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