Combination Boiler Upgrade Shows 20 Years of Change

From Worcester To Worcester Bosch-How, the Combination Boiler has Evolved.

LPG-propane gas boiler-calor gas repair-lpg boiler breakdown-boiler gas emergency
gas combination boiler-gas safe-worcester bosch boilers
gas combination boiler-gas safe-worcester bosch boilers
gas combination boiler-gas safe-worcester bosch boilers
gas combination boiler-gas safe-worcester bosch boilers

This weekend sees Ability install a new Worcester Bosch boiler, a gas combination boiler in Sevenoaks, Kent and we show how the combination boiler has changed in 20 years. We removed a Worcester 24i and replaced it with the new Worcester Bosch 30i high efficiency condensing boiler.

The incredible change in manufacturing technology show how the concept of the gas combination boiler has come a long way with ‘high efficiency’ and ‘energy efficient products’ today. The latest Worcester Bosch boiler range demonstrates that with class. We highly recommend a Worcester Bosch boiler.gas combination boiler-gas safe-worcester bosch boilers

We have a vast knowledge of the different makes and models of gas combination boilers available on the UK market today and still the durability, reliability and overall quality of the Worcester Bosch gas combination boiler proves to be the outstanding winner. Click here to read the latest Worcester Bosch News.

Gas Safe-Don’t Cut Corners

This month Gas Safe has launched a new awareness campaign called ‘Don’t Cut Corners’ when it comes to gas safety in your home and advise to check the register when it comes to gas safety. Make sure you contact a legally qualified engineer for your gas work requirements. Click here to see the GAS SAFE incentive.

There are radio and YouTube adverts by Gas Safe targeting the household decision makers to make clear that it is important for you when choosing a tradesperson to work in your home on any gas appliances.

We understand there are people looking for a quick solution sometimes, with busy lives and so much to juggle in life today, but the message from Gas Safe is clear, please do not cut corners when deciding on someone to work on any gas appliances in your home, for the safety of yourself and your family.

gas combination boiler-gas safe-worcester bosch boilers

If you require a new gas boiler installation or a gas cooker repair, or even a new gas fire quotation please give us a call at ability as all of our engineers are gas safe registered.


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