Maintain your connection when working from home

More and more people are now permanently working from home. The pandemic made many people realise they could work just as efficiently at home as they do in the office, even if they did miss the social aspect of carrying out their duties elsewhere. Some people have managed to strike the perfect balance by splitting their hours between the home and the office. One problem that you may encounter when working from home is an inconsistent internet connection. If your internet is unreliable, you may find it harder to communicate and collaborate with work colleagues. It may also be hard to access the information and software you need to do your job properly.

How a hard-wired connection can help

A large number of workers have been combatting poor connectivity by investing in hard-wired connections. A hard-wired connection may not give you more speed, but it may be more consistent and reliable than your current connection. Some of the benefits attached to using a hard-wired connection include better, smoother video conferencing and reduced latency. A hard-wired connection can also make your data more secure.

Smoother, more reliable video conferencing

If you attempt to embark on a video conferencing session whilst others in your household are also online, your Wi-Fi router may become maxed out. This can slow down your connection substantially, making it harder for you to communicate with your colleagues, managers and employers. By upgrading to a hard-wired connection, you can avoid this problem as well as the embarrassment that can come with glitchy connectivity.

Big latency reductions

If pages, videos and images are taking too long to load, you could have a problem with latency. Latency issues can make it harder for you to get jobs done or communicate with your colleagues. You’re especially likely to experience this problem when other members of your household are watching movies or playing games online. A hard-wired connection can boost data transmission and reduce latency, enhancing your productivity.

Secure Data

Wi-Fi signals can be intercepted if a hacker has enough skill and experience in this area. If a hacker accesses your router, they may be able to gain control of your Wi-Fi and therefore get hold of your passwords, personal information and email. A hard-wired internet connection can make life much more difficult for cybercriminals.

Boost your Wi-Fi

By hardwiring some of the devices that are connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can reduce the strain on your router. If you have devices that generally stay where they are, such as printers and internet-connected TVs, you can hardwire these so devices that are moved around get better connectivity.

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