Why are solar panels becoming bigger?

Many people have noticed that solar panels have become bigger over recent years. Solar PV has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, with technological advancements playing a big role in enhancing the amount of power that a panel is capable of producing. It’s now increasingly common to see ‘XL’ sized solar panels on household and business premises’ roofs.

Larger solar panels may have become an increasingly common sight over recent years, but they still haven’t become as big as you might have expected. One of the reasons for this is that solar panels are essentially just collections of PV cells. The power output of a panel is generally determined by how many PV cells are in a panel, and how efficient the cells are. The physical size of a solar panel tends to be determined by how many PV cells are in a panel and how big the silicon wafers in the cells are. There are no specific rules about what makes a panel small, medium, large or extra large. However, panels over 8 linear feet tend to be described as extra-large panels because they require a higher shipping charge.

How did the panels become so big?

One of the reasons why PV panels have become bigger is that cells have become more efficient over the past few decades. Efficiencies around the low 20% range are starting to become the standard for commercially available panels. In the early 1990s, wafers that measured 100mm square were the norm, but it’s now common for wafers to be around 217×217 mm. These are referred to as M12+ wafers. The number of cells per module has also increased over the decades. 60-cell modules became the standard some time ago, though many commercial projects are now based around 72-cell modules. Panels delivering more and more power are now hitting the market in line with the public’s increasing demand for electricity alongside the improvements in how much power a solar cell can produce.

Who can help me install XL solar panels in the south east?

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