Achieve more comfort with Google Nest Heating Controls

More and more people are reducing their energy bills and achieving more comfort with Google Nest Heating Controls. Google Nest Heating Controls including the Nest thermostat are designed to help you save energy. Read on to find out more about how Google Nest Heating Controls could benefit you and help you cut home heating costs.

How does a Google Nest thermostat work?

The Google Nest thermostat works by learning the temperatures that you enjoy when you’re spending time at home. Once it has learned enough about your heating preferences, it will become able to program itself. One of the key benefits of a Nest thermostat is that it doesn’t need to be programmed. Just change the temperature whenever you want to during the first few days after installation so the thermostat can get used to your preferences. Once it has learned enough about you, it will create a weekly temperature schedule.

What else can the thermostat do?

The thermostat is sophisticated enough to learn how quickly your home heats and cools, also taking external weather conditions into consideration. When the weather is particularly cold, it can take longer for your system to reach your desired temperature. Over time, the thermostat will work out how early it needs to switch your system on so your target temperature can be reached. It will also learn how to switch the system off to avoid exceeding your target temperature. The thermostat can also switch to a bespoke Eco Temperature when you are away from home, returning to your scheduled temperature when you return.

More Google Nest Heating Controls benefits

Google Nest Heating Controls can control both heating and hot water remotely. It also gives you a detailed insight into your home heating activities. You can check your energy history, control temperatures, control your hot water tank schedule and receive alerts through the Nest app. The facility can also modulate high efficiency condensing boilers with OpenTherm technology to help you save energy. Programming is not necessary thanks to functions like auto-away and auto-schedule. The thermostat also has a backlit LED display and is suitable for combi and system boilers. No hub is required, and you will make full use of the facility as long as you have an internet connection.

How Ability can help

At Ability, we’re waiting to hear from you right now if you wish to benefit from Google Nest Heating Controls and the Nest thermostat. We have installed this facility for various customers over recent years. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about how Google Nest Heating Controls could benefit you.

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