All about internal air conditioning

People invest in internal air conditioning or internal cooling for many reasons. Investing in internal air conditioning can benefit you in various ways, improving your sleep quality and your air quality. Let’s take a closer look at internal air conditioning and why it might be the right investment for you right now.

What is the difference between traditional and internal air conditioning?

Internal air conditioning will give you the same efficiency as you receive from a traditional system. The difference is that an internal system is kept wholly inside your property. It’s unlikely that you’ll need planning permission to install an internal cooling system. These systems are particularly suitable for people living in apartments.

Where can an internal condenser be stored?

Your internal condenser won’t require as much space as you might think. They are often installed in cupboards and under sinks so you don’t even need to see them.

Are internal air cooling systems eco-friendly?

The gas in today’s internal systems doesn’t normally have any impact on the ozone layer. What’s more is that they only require a modest amount of electricity.

How long does it take to install an internal air con system?

It doesn’t normally take more than one day for installation to be completed. This means disruption can be kept to an absolute minimum when we install your internal air conditioning system.

Can internal air conditioning leave me feeling sick?

An internal system from Ability shouldn’t make you sick. Your system will clean and filter your air, leaving you feeling better, not worse. When you have access to quality air, you can win the battle against bacteria, pollutants and humidity. Our systems allow you to access clean air without even opening your window, which can give pollutants access to your space. These systems are also beneficial for pets.

How can internal cooling improve sleep quality and productivity?

Your system can give you a better night’s sleep by delivering greater control over temperature, enabling you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you work from home, your system can make you more productive by enhancing your comfort levels.

How Ability can help with internal air conditioning

At Ability, we are ready to hear from you right now if you are eager to invest in a quality internal air con installation. We have vast experience in this area and can help you make the most of the latest home heating and cooling innovations. Feel free to contact us at any time if you require any further information about the services that we offer. More and more people are choosing Ability over the competition when they require innovative internal air conditioning systems.

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