Can replacing old light bulbs save me money?

Are you wondering if replacing old light bulbs can save you money? If so, continue reading. Whether you can save money by replacing your light bulbs largely depends on what kind of bulbs you are replacing. If you are switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lights, you could be able to make some rather considerable savings whilst making a better contribution to the environment.

Why would using lights such as LEDs save me money?

One of the reasons why LEDs can save you money is that they need much less electricity. LED light bulbs are slightly more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs, but you can expect to recoup the extra cost within a few months due to the lower amount of energy they require. An LED bulb can last for over 20,00 hours, whilst some incandescent bulbs will give you just 1,000 hours of power.

Vastly reduced running costs

A 5W LED bulb can do the same work as a 40W filament bulb. This means the LED bulb will cost much less to run over its lifetime than the filament alternative. Once the cost to run a filament bulb is taken into consideration alongside the initial price of the bulb, it can cost you over £150. However, it could cost you less than £30 to buy and use an LED light bulb. If you replace several incandescent bulbs around your home, you could save thousands on running costs. However, if you are already using another type of energy-saving bulb and are considering making the switch to LED bulbs, it may be best to wait until they have stopped working before you replace them.

The benefits of energy-saving lighting

Energy-saving light bulbs can last up to 12 times longer than traditional bulbs They use much less electricity to give out the same amount of light you would receive from a traditional bulb and can help you reduce your carbon footprint substantially. Some of the most popular energy-saving bulbs include light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

Who can advise me on energy-saving lighting?

At Ability, we can come to your assistance if you are looking for cheaper and eco-friendlier ways of lighting your home. We have been a leading player in our field for many years and are passionate about helping our clients to save money. We have been providing electrical services for homes and businesses in the south of England for more than four decades and have built up a huge amount of expertise and skill over the years. What’s more is that we also have a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot. Why not contact us today if you do need help with electrical and lighting services in the South East?

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