Hive or Nest: which should I choose?

Hive or Nest: which should I choose? Many people have found themselves comparing smart thermostat systems Hive and Nest. Both Hive and Nest are built around innovative heating technology that helps you reduce your carbon footprint and your fuel bills. If you’re wondering which option is regarded as the best, read on.

About Nest

Nest is compatible with more boilers than Hive. It also comes with more features. However, both options can help you save money. It’s estimated that the average household can save around £154 a year by installing a smart thermostat. The systems also allow you to heat individual rooms, so you only need to pay for the heat you actually need. They also come with remote and voice control management options. You can control your heating through an app on your phone even if you are away from home with both Hive and Nest.

About Hive

One of the drawbacks of Hive is that it doesn’t come with self-learning features like Nest does. This means it won’t learn about your heating needs over time. Nonetheless, you can still control your heating manually via your phone with the service. Hive is also lacking the automotive motion sensor feature that you’ll get with Nest. However, you can buy a separate motion sensor. Hive does have a zone feature, but you can only create three zones. Nest allows you to create up to 20.

How much will a smart thermostat cost me?

There isn’t a great difference when it comes to price, but the Nest thermostat does offer more features. However, not everyone will benefit or be interested in all of these features. You may be able to get Hive or Nest installed as part of the cost of your boiler installation.  Many people have opted to install Hive and Nest themselves, but you may wish to opt for a professional installation for extra peace of mind.

Are there any other kinds of smart thermostat?

Hive and Nest are the two leading smart thermostat options available on the market today. However, there are other options available too. These include Honeywell T6 and Tado. One of the biggest factors to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of Nest and Hive is what kind of boiler you have. If your boiler isn’t compatible with one, you may have no choice but to install the other or to look at a lesser-known brand.

Who can install Hive or Nest?

At Ability, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to smart thermostat installations. You can rest assured that we’ll get your installation right the first time, and that we’ll talk you through all the features your smart thermostat offers so you can make the most of your investment.

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