Signs your office needs electrical maintenance

Offices can require electrical maintenance for various reasons. If the electrics inside your office aren’t maintained properly, accidents can occur and you could be spending more on energy than you need to. Read on to learn about some of the main reasons why offices tend to need electrical maintenance.

Flickering lights

When lights flicker regularly, this can be very off-putting and may impact productivity. Frequent flickers can also create problems with vision and headaches as well as reduced morale. An experienced electrician should be able to identify the reason for the issue, which could be a problem with your light bulbs or an overloaded circuit. You may have a serious problem if the flickering is occurring across several rooms and circuits.

Overheated outlets

If your outlets are warm when you touch them, it’s probably time to consult an electrician. You may also need to seek help if you have chipped or cracked outlets. Some outlets stay warm after devices are unplugged and when nothing has been plugged in for some time. Warm outlets can be caused by mismatched wiring. For instance, warmth can occur after an old breaker is replaced with a new ampacity breaker which results in higher levels of current than your circuit was originally designed to cope with.

Frequent circuit breaker trips

It’s normal for circuit breakers to trip now and then. However, if this seems to be happening more regularly than you might expect you should have the problem assessed. Simply resetting the breaker each time a trip occurs won’t help you get to the root of the problem. Frequent trips are often related to specific components. A professional electrician can use the right equipment to carry out overloading tests and work out why overloads are occurring so a fix can be implemented.

Seeing sparks when appliances are plugged in and unplugged

In some cases, it’s normal to briefly see a spark when appliances are plugged into and unplugged from sockets. However, the problem can also be linked to excessive heat in your outlets, which can cause insulation to melt and lead to a fire. Sparks often occur due to water exposure too.

You’re based in an older building

You’re also more likely to experience electrical problems if you’re based in an older building. If you are doing business in an older building, your electrical wiring may also be very old, and your insulation may be well on its way to being worn out. A professional electrician can look at your wiring and insulation, replacing anything that’s no longer safe to use.

Act as soon as possible if you don’t have a schedule in place

If you don’t have your electrics maintained regularly, you could be paying more for electricity than you need to. You may also be putting yourself, your staff and visitors at risk. Some electrical problems can be fatal if they are not addressed quickly. You may also need to cease your operations until things are put right if problems are allowed to worsen, which can be costly.

Contact Ability today if you need electrical maintenance

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