The advantages of an old house electrical inspection

If you own an older home, you may have worries about what an electrical inspection might uncover. However, it’s generally best to go ahead and have an inspection carried out instead of leaving unknown problems to simply worsen over time. Even though you might require extensive work, this can benefit you in the long run and keep you safe. If your home is harbouring hazards that you don’t know about, you and your family could be at risk.

How an inspection can keep you safe

Aside from protecting you and your family from danger, there are many other big advantages to having an inspection carried out on an ageing home. If you have your wires updated, you can ensure all kinds of modern appliances can source the energy that they need without your breakers tripping. The inspection can also ensure that your home is compliant with all relevant regulations. It can also help you reduce your insurance premiums and make your home more appealing to potential buyers if you ever do decide to put it on the market.

What kind of electrical problems are found in older homes?

There are any electrical issues you may need to overcome if you do reside in an older home. You may have an old fuse box rather than a modern circuit breaker panel, which means your system could be “blowing a fuse” on a regular basis when it becomes overloaded. You may also have knob and tube wiring which struggles to deliver sufficient energy to today’s appliances and can cause dangerous problems with overheating, potentially resulting in fires. Aluminium wiring is also found in many older homes and can loosen electrical connections due to the way it heats up more than conventional copper wires. This also puts you at risk of fire.

Cater for all your modern appliances

Another problem that you might have if you live in an older home is having few or no outlets for modern appliances. Some people attempt to overcome this problem by adding new outlets to the circuits that they already have, but a big risk attached to this is that the circuits can become overloaded and threaten your whole system.

How Ability can help

If you do live in an older home and are concerned about any of the issues outlined above, it’s wise to arrange an electrical inspection as soon as you can. This will make your home a better, safer place to live and protect you and your loved ones from danger. At Ability, we have been carrying out electrical inspections on homes of all ages for many years and can be counted on to deliver the thorough service that you require.

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