What exactly is tidal energy?

Tidal energy is a kind of power that’s created via the natural rise and fall of tides that occur thanks to the interaction between the moon, sun and earth. When water passes through a constriction, tidal currents with enough energy for harvesting happen. Tidal energy can be converted into various types of power, such as electricity.

How does tidal energy work?

The intensity of water from the rise and fall of tides is a kind of kinetic energy. Gravitational hydropower uses the movement of water to push turbines that generate electricity. These turbines are located underwater. A great deal of the UK’s tidal power is produced in the Scottish Isles. The possibilities of tidal energy are growing constantly, with new innovations frequently emerging to ensure the energy demand is met.

What are the key benefits of tidal energy?

Tidal energy offers a host of benefits for society. Gravitational forces ensure tides are both constant and predictable. This means energy output is also predictable. Future technological advancements are likely to make tidal both more efficient and cheaper. One of the reasons that we’re not quite able to take full advantage of tidal energy is cost. Constructing tidal power plants remains prohibitively expensive, as a great deal of capital investment is required.

Special technology is needed to capture the power from the waves. These include lagoons and barrages. Once the power has been captured, it can be used to generate electricity, which is then sent to the grid before arriving at your home or business premises. The Government says tidal energy could be able to meet 20% of the country’s energy requirements in future.

Other advantages of tidal energy

As tidal energy comes from the rise and fall of the ocean, it is a renewable form of energy. There are no fears that we will run out of the natural power of the waves. Tidal energy doesn’t emit carbon, which is another reason why it’s regarded as an environmentally-friendly source of power. Tidal power plants can last an incredibly long time once they have been constructed. In fact, they can last approximately four times longer than solar and wind farms, offering a lifespan of up to 100 years. The density of water means a tidal power plant can create a great deal of energy even at low speeds.

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