Will DIY home heater installations become the norm?

The construction industry is making big changes in order to become more sustainable. New technology is being used alongside changing practices to meet emission targets and ensure compliance. One of the biggest challenges for those working in the construction industry is to deliver sufficient comfort whilst reducing carbon emissions. A ban on gas and oil boilers is being considered by the Government, which could mean existing boilers need to be replaced and these systems being banned from new build homes. As new-build homes are increasingly energy-efficient, homeowners and tenants may need to use their heating less in years to come. They will instead benefit from better insulation.

Electric could become our main source of heating

Some experts predict electric heating could become the primary method for heating our homes in years to come. One of the key benefits of using an electric heating system is that it’s far more sustainable than relying on gas and oil. Electric wall heaters don’t produce emissions whilst they are in use, unlike gas boilers. If the electricity is made via renewable means, we can heat our homes via completely clean energy. Even ‘wasted’ energy can’t be regarded as truly wasted, since it provides us with heat.

Simpler installation processes

Another key benefit of using an electric heater is that the installation process is simple, requiring little more than a wall outlet and wall plugs. Residents won’t need to worry about boiler capacities or purchasing a more expensive boiler than they can afford.

Fewer call-outs and greater control

Electric heaters don’t face the same wear and tear as water-based systems, which means fewer calls to the plumber. Many modern radiators can be controlled remotely, via apps on mobile devices. Greater control means heating only needs to be used when it is actually required. This means generating less waste and making considerable reductions in fuel bills.

Avoid problematic breakdowns

When boilers break down, it can be incredibly hard to achieve comfort within the home. Boiler breakdowns can mean going without not only warmth but hot water too. Boilers and radiators can also generate a great deal of noise, often waking us up in the middle of the night. With an electric heating system, you don’t need to worry about clunking or clicking during the small hours. Another big benefit of using electric heaters is that they need barely any servicing if any at all, as they are powered via the mains. You won’t need to have your radiators bled either when you opt for electric heating solutions, and you won’t see heat being lost through your pipes. Electric heaters are clean and quiet, and there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when you use them.

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