Winter tips from an electrician

The colder months of the year are on their way, so if you’re wondering what you can do in terms of your home’s electrical supply in the run up to winter, we can help. Here are our top electrician’s tips for looking after your home in the winter.

Check your sockets and plugs

It’s essential to check your sockets and plugs for signs of damage on a regular basis. If you do see signs that something is wrong, replace them immediately. If you continue using them after you have spotted something isn’t right, you could be at risk of electric shock, burns or even fire. Pull plugs from their pockets very slowly to avoid overheating the plug or causing wires to become loose. If you have exposed wires on your property, contact an electrician.

Turn off appliances when you’re not using them

It’s very important to switch off appliances like TVs and computers at the wall when you are not using them. This reduces the risk of fire and can also save you money on your electricity bills. Appliances can consume much more energy than you might think when they are simply left on standby rather than turned off at the wall.

Avoid overloading your sockets – Winter tips from an electrician

Connecting too many appliances to your wall sockets can be very dangerous and cause them to overload. It’s advisable to have additional sockets installed instead of connecting several appliances to one socket.

Keep flammable items away from your heat sources

During the winter months, it’s likely that you will be using your heat sources such as electric heaters much more than you did during the summer. Always makes sure any flammable items are kept at least three feet away from your heat sources to prevent accidents. Never leave portable heating units unattended. Switch your heating units off when you go to bed and when you leave your home. Keep monitoring your heat sources to ensure they are not overheating.

Take care with Christmas lights

If you’re adding electric lights to your Christmas tree, prevent voltage spikes by using a surge protector. Always turn off your Christmas lights before you go to bed and when you leave your property. If you’re using outdoor Christmas lights, make sure you opt for a suitable extension cord that’s been designed for external use.

Be careful with electrical cords and power strips

Electrical cords and power strips shouldn’t be run behind furniture or under rugs. If cords and power strips are covered inappropriately, there’s chance a fire could break out. If you have small children at home with you, cover your outlets with safety covers.

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