Emergency Boiler Call Outs-Weekend Gas Fall Outs!

Emergency Boiler Call Outs-Weekend Gas Ball Outs!

The emergency boiler call in Tonbridge lead to another emergency boiler Sevenoaks and then another emergency East Grinstead for our plumber in Sevenoaks.
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This weekend had many emergency boiler call outs and this lead to three of us the weekend finding gas problems and solving them in Crowborough East Sussex, Tonbridge in Kent and Felbridge, near East Grinstead in West Sussex. The emergency plumber East Grinstead was there in 10 minutes!

With a water leak on a heat exchanger near Hadlow and our plumber in Sevenoaks, we had to decide what to do for the best as the boiler needed to stay on. Fortunately, a temporary repair was made to the gas boiler and the customer was most pleased. So once again the team at ability have been kept busy throughout the South East due to the continuous cold weather. The emergency boiler repair in Sevenoaks was completed within the hour!

We strongly advise you get us to repressurise your boiler

This post we can focus on the common problem of water pressure loss on sealed system boiler and heating installations. Heres some links on what to do and what not to do when your boiler has a pressure drop or lockout on low pressure. We strongly advise you get us to repressurise your boiler, however, if you decide to do it yourself then please follow these easy steps and suggestions.



When topping up your boiler pressure there are some do’s and don’ts.

  1. Do turn off your programmer or timer.
  2. Let your heating system and radiator circuit cool down to room temperature.
  3. Do not overpressure and see that you’re only at 1bar of pressure.
  4.  Don’t forget to turn both valves fully off after use.
  5.  Vent any air from the radiators.

    The emergency boiler call in Tonbridge lead to another emergency boiler Sevenoaks and then another emergency East Grinstead for our plumber in Sevenoaks.
    We can repair and install your boiler

So if you’re not sure then it is best to give us a call at Ability and we will see that your boiler has a good service and is given a clean bill of health for the ensuing year ahead. We will be happy to see that this is carried out correctly and discuss the situation moving forward. Call 01892 514495 or 01732 743723 or 01342 301711 or CLICK HERE

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