Todays Emergency Plumber-The future Central Heating Gas Engineer

Todays Emergency Plumber

We write about today’s emergency plumber who has worked for Ability for a number of years. A reliable and consistent plumber who has pride in his work and respect for his job. An emergency plumber who puts passion into everything he does and never lets anyone down.

Central Heating and Gas Engineer

emergency plumber central heating gas engineer boiler repair
One of our vans in your area now

So it’s time to progress to a central heating and gas engineer. The training has been booked. Our emergency plumber is about to become a central heating and gas engineer.

When investing in training for staff, careful consideration has to be taken. It’s not something that we rush to do. An investment that will reward both the company and then ultimately you the customer.

At Ability, we aim to grow with a new emergency plumber, central heating specialists and the new gas engineer each year. This will enable us to provide a service that can keep in tune with the demand of our existing customers while adding new customers at a steady pace.

Boiler Repair in Tunbridge Wells

So today begins with a call from a customer in Tunbridge Wells. The emergency plumber is busy in Sevenoaks, so our central heating and gas engineer is on his way to the boiler repair.

When a regular customer calls, our system tells us the history of the heating system and therefore enables us to attend well prepared for the boiler repair.

emergency plumber central heating gas engineer boiler repair
One of our vans in your area now

The head office is based in Tunbridge Wells. This is ideal for this call as our team can operate from here. This means all the team can meet and have coffee while waiting for your call.

So our service today consists of a variety of qualified experts. If you want an emergency plumber, a gas engineer or a central heating specialist, then call us at Ability. If you need a boiler repair in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, East Grinstead or any surrounding area then just fill out our contact form or simply give us a call.


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