Emergency plumber for today and Gas fitter tomorrow

Emergency Plumber

Today consisted of 4 engineers out in the field and that means we covered over 20 calls emergency plumber calls today. One particular visit saw Mrs Jones over the moon when we were able to isolate a shower that would not turn off in her en-suite this morning.

Max our emergency plumber to the rescue, we like to think of him here at Ability as one of our local Heroes. Upon isolation, he discovered an unusual noise coming from the boiler in the adjacent cupboard and it turns out this had been on the customer’s mind and she had wanted to get it looked at for a while. The boiler service is now booked in for tomorrow.
emergency plumber , gas fire
Contemporary high-efficiency
remote control gas fire

So with one Gas engineer off today, we were all very busy but it was still very manageable and the important thing is, every one of our customers has had a visit and is happy. It’s time to wind down for the evening and prepare for tomorrow’s antics in the world of plumbing and heating.

Finally, we have had an interesting day in the office with 4 boiler quotations accepted, a bathroom to completely refurbish and a gas fire installation. We are also having a new kitchen fitted here in the office and so it’s been very challenging working on the phone lines with two tradesman cutting, sawing, banging and fixing nearby. However, these good tradesmen have worked hard to get this kitchen completed on schedule for the benefit of the office staff here and all is going very well. Once they are finished we will be clearing files and pin boards from the walls to have the office itself decorated and refurbished with a new floor going down and a fresh coat of paint all around on the walls. This will leave a clean and tidy office for the hardworking staff here who are in favour of a clean and tidy working environment.

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