Emergency Plumbers Call to Toilet Flood and All!

Emergency Plumbers

One of our emergency plumbers was called yesterday to a flood in a bathroom in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells Kent. He very quickly located the mains stop cock and isolated the mains water to the relief of a very frantic customer. As an emergency plumber, our engineer had to work fast to stop the water that was flooding from this toilet cistern. A plastic ball valve thread had perished over time and worn thin with the high pressure of the water main, causing it to burst in the customer’s house suddenly.

Being the emergency plumbers, we have to work fast and efficient in finding the leak, finding the isolation point and then making the repair once we have stopped the problem. This can prove challenging for most but not for our emergency plumbers who has over 20 years experience in the industry. We have come across this situation time and time again and so can deal with the immediate panic that a customer may sometimes be in.

emergency plumbers
New toilet cistern inlet or ball valve

After removing the old water inlet valve from the toilet cistern, and establishing the correct size and type for the existing tank. We were able to supply and fit a new valve from stock in the van and then turn the water back on and refill the cistern testing that everything was now working well and there were no leaks. This means another happy customer in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells Kent.

The whole job was complete in an hour and 25 minutes. This is an average time for a call out and job that we tackle every day in the world of emergency plumbers.

So if you have a plumbing, heating or gas job at home that you need looking at. If you think the boiler or gas fire could do with a service, or you just want a price on a new shower or set of bath taps then give us a call at Ability Plumbers and Heating Engineers.

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