Emergency call to Tonbridge and a Boiler Service in East Grinstead

Emergency call to Tonbridge and a Worcester Bosch Boiler Service in East Grinstead

This Saturday brings Ability an Emergency call to Tonbridge and a Worcester Bosch Boiler Service in East Grinstead. Our engineers had a surprise to find an old water pipe leaking behind the kitchen sink unit into the wall for some time.

boiler service in East Grinstead-emergency call to Tonbridge-Worcester Bosch
Worcester Bosch Boiler while Servicing in a domestic home

This is not a problem for our local plumber as he had the tools and knowledge to cut out a small section of the back panel and access the fitting which had water dripping back into the plasterboard wall.

Once the 15mm pipe was exposed, and the water turned off we very quickly managed to cut out the rouge Tee piece and replace the section with new materials.

The customer was so pleased that we attended within 30 minutes of her call and was able to complete the job within the hour.

Boiler Service in East Grinstead

Our local gas safe engineer had a regular domestic boiler service booked in East Grinstead West Sussex. This customer has had the entire plumbing and heating system looked after by Ability for over 20 years.

The Worcester Bosch 28i Junior combination condensing boiler has been installed for six years and has been serviced every year by Ability without any problems.

As Worcester Bosch accredited engineers, we are trained by Worcester Bosch and have constant updates for their technical department on any specifications we may need from them. The new range of boilers come with 7,8 and 10-year guarantees if installed by Ability. We pride ourselves on the installation, maintenance and servicing of all their boilers in both the domestic and commercial range.

So if you require a free quotation for a new boiler installation or you’re having problems with an existing boiler, maybe you just want to prepare for the winter months ahead and would like a service then give us a call and book one of our attentive and qualified gas engineers on 0800 889015.




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