4 big signs you need an emergency electrician

Electricity has become such an essential part of our lives, with most people relying on it for a myriad of tasks, from showering and cooking to entertainment. Imagining being without instant access to electricity is almost impossible! However, despite its importance, electricity can also cause stress and worry, particularly when faults and breakdowns arise. Malfunctions in your home’s electrical system can be dangerous, even potentially causing electrical fires in the worst cases. Read on to discover the biggest signs you need an emergency electrician.

Flickering or dimming lights

Flickering or dimming lights usually have a fairly benign cause, such as an issue with a light bulb. However, sometimes they can signal a more serious problem with your home’s electrics that need fixing as soon as possible. If you’ve tried replacing the bulb and the issue still exists, it’s time to get in touch with emergency electrician services in Tunbridge Wells. A qualified electrician might identify a problem with the wiring in your home. Wires can sometimes deteriorate over the years and require replacing by an expert.

Tripping circuit breaker

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring a tripping circuit breaker in your home. Whilst it’s often just a one-time annoyance, a circuit breaker that trips repeatedly can signal dangerous problems with your property’s electrical system. This issue is especially common in older homes which aren’t designed to handle today’s increased electrical demand. Tripping circuit breakers are often a result of overloaded circuits and can potentially lead to house fires. So, instead of flipping the switch on again repeatedly, it makes sense to hire an emergency electrician who can assess your electrics and find the problem as quickly as possible.

You can smell burning

Burning smells in the home could indicate serious electrical problems. As most electrical wiring is made with plastic insulation, an electrical fire will often begin with an unpleasant smell of burning plastic. Burning could be in the plug socket or the wiring within the wall and can be difficult to locate. Enlist emergency electrician services in Tunbridge Wells right away if you smell something burning in your home. Responding to burning smells as quickly as possible can often prevent a full-blown fire occurring.

Sparking plug sockets

Whilst anyone who’s ever plugged an appliance into a plug socket will have seen a brief flash of blue light, it’s important to know that not all sparks are equal. There are abnormal sparks that may signal something is amiss with your home’s electrical system. If you notice sparks that smell when plugging in an appliance or sparks that are big, lengthy, or different colours, it’s time to call in an emergency electrician. Reasons for abnormal sparking could be old age, short-circuiting, overloading, or even water getting on to the wiring.

Realising you have problems with your home’s electrical system can be stressful and worrying. However, it’s important that you don’t try to fix the issue yourself if you’re not a qualified electrician. Call Ability on 01732 743 723 for local emergency electrician services in Tunbridge Wells today.

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