From Flueless Gas Fire, Magnetic Filter to New Toilet

From Flueless Gas Fire, Magnetic Filter to New Toilet

Frantic Friday brings a flueless gas fire service, clean and service a magnetic filter to a  new toilet installation. This involved our engineer to travel from East Grinstead in West Sussex, to Crowborough in East Sussex and then onto Sevenoaks in Kent.

Flueless gas fire-magnetic filter-new toilet
Flueless gas fire

The diversity of these jobs means our very skilled plumber, gas engineer and central heating specialist has to be multi-skilled in this industry. He has had over 25 years experience in the plumbing heating Industry and gas fired product field and so we are confident he is competent as well as fully qualified in these areas of work.

The flueless gas fire installation was of great quality and carried out by the local fireplace specialists Victoria Stone. Once the fire was cleaned and tested our engineer was happy to provide the customer with the sufficient service stamp and record for the continued warranty registration. If you would like a flueless gas fire give us a call.

Broken Toilet and Pan

A regular customer in Sevenoaks Kent had a broken pan and toilet cistern that would not flush properly. It was a good afternoons work for our plumber to remove the old pan and cistern, alter the pipework and fittings, fit the new brackets and complete the installation, of which went in place perfectly.

Flueless gas fire-magnetic filter-new toilet
Broken toilet and replacement pan and cistern

Boiler Service and Magnetic Filter Clean

finaly as we carried out a full first year boiler service in Crowborough East Sussex the Worcester Bosch magnetic filter needed a clean too.  This is a fantastic insight of How the system is performing and how clean it really is. We alway carry out a full and thorough power flush however its good to see how much of the silt/sludge and debris is collected each year in the filter. In most cases we find there’s very little, particularly if we installed the boiler as our installation team are very particular about the powerflush.

Flueless gas fire-magnetic filter-new toilet
Clean Magnetic Filter

If you require any of the above or anything else within the plumbing and heating industry please give us at Ability in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, a call on 0800889015.

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