Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

You should have your boiler serviced once per year.

If you have a Worcester Bosch boiler installed by us, then you would need to have it serviced once a year to keep the warranty valid.

Which boiler should I buy?

As Worcester Bosch accredited partners, we recommend that most of our customers have a Worcester boiler installed to give you the best possible guarentee. However we would only advise that if it is suitable.

We also install Ideal, Vaillant, and Grant Boilers on a regular basis.

You could use our free online boiler quote tool to find out which boiler you need.

Do I need a Power flush?

You may require a power flush if you find cold spots within the radiators. Your radiators and boiler may have started to emit more noise than usual when you turn them on, or your system may be taking longer to heat up than usual.

The power flushing process sees a machine and multiple chemicals being used to clean the internal pipes of your radiators. Sludge can build up inside your radiators over time and create cold spots, this process sees a machine and multiple chemicals being used to clean the internal pipes of your radiators. 

How often do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

Landlords are required to provide a CP-12, landlord gas safety certificate each year.

When you sell your house, you may be asked to provide a gas safety certificate.

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What should I do if I find a leak?

To help minimize any water damage to your property, it is advised to turn off your mains water supply at the stopcock. You can usually locate this under the kitchen sink, in an airing cupboard, in the basement, utility room, or cellar. After locating and turning off the water supply, call Ability to come and investigate further.

What is an EICR?

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) identifies any damage, deterioration, defects with your electrical circuits. The engineer will then advise on what is required to fix any issues.

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