Gas Boiler Fault in Sevenoaks Kent leaves lady distraught

Gas Boiler Fault

Ability was called out this morning to a gas boiler fault in Sevenoaks Kent. The homeowner was rather upset as the boiler was only 11 months old and she was unable to contact the installer.

It was a Worcester Bosch combination condensing boiler. As Worcester Bosch accredited installers we were able to establish exactly what was wrong very quickly. There wasn’t actually a gas boiler fault.

The boiler itself was actually fine however the heating system water pressure was low and this is acknowledged at the boiler. So for safety reasons the boiler does not fire up.

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Worcester Bosch Gas boiler range

The boiler service is due after the first 12 months and the customer was aware of this and so asked if we could carry out the service once we had got the boiler back working again. This we were able to do and so the charge for coming out today was good value for money. This left a happy customer with Ability.

It’s important to see that boilers are serviced at least once a year as the 7,8 or 10-year guarantee that Worcester offer is only valid with an annual boiler service and it really does help with the correct operation, the efficiency and safety of the appliance. The other benefit is if there are any potential problems or a potential gas boiler fault, problem with performance or any of the components then this can be picked up on a visual inspection and testing during the annual service.

We fill out the necessary paperwork and stamp the service booklet for future inspection. This all helps with insurance and required evidence when it comes to selling the property.

So if you reqire a boiler service or any other plumbing or heating work we are always happy to help so please do not hesitate to call us at Ability on 0800889015

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