Gas Boiler Flue Faulty-Our Plumber Removes Gas Safety Risk

Gas Boiler Flue Faulty-Our Plumber Removes the Gas Safety Risk

Yesterday a gas boiler flue was found to be faulty and our plumber removes the gas safety risk right away. Its been an interesting week here at Ability in Tunbridge Wells Kent with our gas safe expert Max discovering a potentially dangerous situation. A customer complained of poor gas boiler performance. The condition of the flue from a boiler, that has been neglected, proved the importance of regular boiler servicing.gas boiler flue-gas safety risk

Corrosion within the two sections of the flue had allowed a mixture of the primary air intake and the flue gases. If the installation of the flue is not correct, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions then a mixture of condensation and weather conditions can cause rapid deterioration. gas boiler flue-gas safety risk

So the important combination of a good gas boiler installation and regular servicing and maintenance are important for the longevity of your home heating and hot water.

Thankfully our gas safe engineers are trained to spot these concerns and address any dangers in the appropriate manner.

New Boiler Installation in Your Home Adds the Most Value

The news of late has enlightened us in the knowledge that your boiler replacement in your home is the best investment you can choose at the moment. Reading this article in the Daily Mail about how spending out on a £2000 boiler installation can add £8000 to the value of your home. Click this link to read the article gas boiler flue-gas safety risk

So as an investment on your home, a new high-efficiency gas or oil boiler will not only save you money on the fuel you burn, it will add value to your property and earn your capital on the home you live in.

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We are offering summer discounts on servicing over the next few months and have a survey team at the ready to provide you with a free quotation for the boiler installation or heating system upgrade today.


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