Gas Fireplace Removal and Gas Hob Replacement

Gas Fireplace Removal and Gas Hob Replacement

Yesterday at Ability we had a Gas Fireplace Removal and Gas Hob Replacement. Both calls, one in Tunbridge Wells,  Kent and the other in Forest Row near East Grinstead, West Sussex required our gas engineers skills above the usual gas pipework alteration.

Firstly the old 1980’s fireplace had to go. It was more like a 1960’s fireplace, however, we had established the house was built in 1989. The gas fire had to be removed and the pipe disappeared under the York stone hearth.

gas fireplace-gas hob-fireplace removal-gas hob replacement
1960’s style fireplace

It was no surprise when we got to the copper pipe which didn’t have any protection, we came across the corrosion from the brick and cement. This is common in older properties when iron or copper pipe was buried years ago without the conduit or protective sleeve.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a gas leak in the property and the supply was able to be reinstated once capped and tested.

gas fireplace-gas hob-fireplace removal-gas hob replacement
Buried gas pipe that had corroded

Our gas engineer found himself breaking up a stone fireplace just to cap off a gas supply. So a gas fire removal turned into a bigger job than expected, however, its all in days work in the plumbing and heating world.

Neff Gas Hob Replacement

The afternoon brought joy for our gas and electrical engineers skills when removing an electric induction hob and a replacement gas hob fitted. The skills involved the running of a new gas pipe and electrical plug socket.

There is no better way to cook than with gas as most chefs tell us here at Ability. This new concept of five burner hob was of real quality.

The customer was so pleased with the advice from our gas engineer and prompt, professional work, he was rewarded with some home made butter biscuits.

gas fireplace-gas hob-fireplace removal-gas hob replacement
Neff gas hob

We have the Ability to carry out the multiple tasks combining gas and building works as well as gas and electrical works saving you the customer time and money.


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