New Gas Hob Was just the job-in Tonbridge Yesterday for our Gas Engineer

A New Gas Hob Was just the job-in Tonbridge Yesterday

The installation of a new gas hob in Tonbridge was just the job for a customer in Tudley, Kent yesterday. A new kitchen was almost complete. A kitchen fitting company that Ability work in close collaboration with had recommended us to his customer for the gas installation.  Our gas engineer attended on the day the worktops being fitted and all went to plan.

Gas Hob in Tonbridge

The quality choice the customer made with Neff met with the approval of our gas engineer. So with an alteration to the gas pipe and fixings made to the worktop, this was a straightforward job for our gas engineer.

Gas Hob in Tonbridge-Gas Engineer in Tonbridge-Boiler Installation in Kent
New Neff gas hob

Boiler Installation in Kent

The call proved to be a worthwhile visit to both the customer and Ability as the client requires someone to service and maintain the Baxi Bermuda back boiler in the home. Ability plumbing and heating engineers are more than happy to continue with the servicing and maintenance of any safe and working appliance a customer may ask them to.

Sadly British Gas told the customer that they were no longer able to look after the back boiler for them. So our gas engineer in Tonbridge will.

British Gas: Looking after your world?

We don’t think so. Take a look at this;

So today brings more in the way of gas cookers, oil boilers, and water pipes. From a blocked toilet today to a boiler installation we have a vast range of plumbing and heating jobs to satisfy you the customer and keep us here at Ability busy.

Finally, we are growing at a steady pace and a new team member will be joining us from this coming Monday. An experienced and attentive gas engineer with experience working on gas boiler installation and maintenance throughout the South East with British Gas previously.

So we have all your needs covered by the plumbing and heating world. If you want a gas engineer in Tonbridge, a boiler installation in Kent or a gas hob in Tonbridge fitted. Please do not hesitate to call us at 0800889015.

Gas Hob in Tonbridge-Gas Engineer in Tonbridge-Boiler Installation in Kent
Worcester Bosch Boilers

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