Our Gas Man in Tonbridge-Sevenoaks Gas Boiler Installation

Our Gas Man in Tonbridge

Our gas man in Tonbridge worked around the clock yesterday and we had a Sevenoaks gas boiler installation. He wanted to see that an elderly couple had hot water working before he left. It was sheer determination, with a passion for his work, a duty of care and a love for his job.

sevenoaks gas boiler installation-our gas man in tonbridge
Plumbing repair to sink waste

The return visit that takes place today, has been booked to provide the right aftercare and good customer satisfaction. This will go a long way for our gas man in Tonbridge.

With a team of 10 here at Ability, it is sometimes hard to keep tabs on all the engineers. However, when the customer calls the office to praise our gas man in Tonbridge, we are content in the knowledge that all is well.

Sevenoaks Gas Boiler Installation

Following a Sevenoaks gas boiler installation today, we are proud to say that the new Ideal boiler range is proving to provide good customer satisfaction. We have been impressed with both the ease of installation and the quality of components. The performance has shown us that lasting united kingdom manufacturer still has a good, competitive and reliable product.

sevenoaks gas boiler installation-our gas man in tonbridge
Our Boiler man in Tonbridge

We have to offer our customer a wide range of plumbing and heating products from high-end specification to run of the mill, but reliable components. That’s why we work with the situation you are in.  Providing a solution to your problem. With the options to suit your financial situation, your homeowner status or lifestyle choices.

Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers was founded in 1906, meaning that we have over 100 years of providing the best quality boilers to the customers continually working to meet ever-changing domestic heating needs.

Taking boilers from basements into kitchens in the 1920s, through to introducing pioneering high-efficiency technologies, Ideal boilers continually deliver reliable products designed with their customers in mind.

Today, Ideal remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating markets, leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries. The company remains true to its founding principles of quality, innovation and value – building on its rich heritage as Ideal boilers look to the future.

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