Heating Demand and Plumbing with a Passion

Heating Demand and Plumbing with a Passion and Smart Thermostats

Once again here at Ability, we have strived to meet the demands of our customers, with an increase in heating demand. Our team have been plumbing with a passion. Today we brief on Smart Thermostats.

The Oil heating repairs and Gas boiler installations are flowing like the water from your tap! We have all engineers working at full potential.

With a new wave of interest in wireless remote technology and smart thermostats available now in many different ways, we are at the forefront of installation and maintenance.

So how does it all work? You may ask yourself. Well here is a brief summary below.

How smart thermostats work

A typical room thermostat just lets you change the temperature in your home using a dial or control panel. So a smart thermostat gives you more efficient, more user-friendly and more accessible control over your home’s heating using three basic components.

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Our Team-Your Plumbers

The first component plugs directly into your boiler and can wirelessly talk to the second component, the in-home device that is the thermostat and main control.

When the third component is an app that is downloaded to a smartphone (or tablet). Users remotely control the thermostat/main control device via the app, allowing them to adjust their heating from wherever they may be.

This is the basic makeup of most smart thermostats. Some smart thermostats offer more, such as ‘learning’ your schedule by detecting when your smartphone is in the house, or even taking it step further by detecting when you’re on your usual route home, and preparing your home to the desired temperature.

At Ability, we can offer you a full service from a dripping tap to a toilet that will not flush or a boiler that needs a service, from a radiator not getting hot to a ball valve overflowing.

heating-demand-plumbing-passion-smart thermostats
Your home comfort is our priority

We can do a complete bathroom installation or an entire heating and hot water system. With our head office in Tunbridge Wells. We cover a vast area from Tonbridge or Sevenoaks Kent, to Crowborough East Sussex, From East Grinstead in West Sussex to Lingfield in Surrey. We cover a large part of the South East of England. Wherever you are we will be plumbing with a passion.

Please call Ability on 0800889015 or email us today.

If you need information on GAS SAFETY CLICK HERE. 

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