Boiler repair vs replacement

When you experience boiler trouble it can be tricky to know what to do – whether that’s fixing the problem, paying for boiler cover, or replacing the boiler altogether. To give you some guidance, we’ve pulled together a few scenarios, costs, and considerations for many eventualities so you won’t end up replacing a perfectly decent boiler before you need to. Click here to find out more

If you have water pressure issues
In many cases you’ll be able to diagnose and fix this problem yourself. But if you’ve followed our guide on boiler pressure issues and you still can’t get to the bottom of it, you’ll need to call out an engineer. Depending on what the problem turns out to be and the call-out fee charged by engineers in your area, a repair is likely to be more economical than replacement or cover.

Price for boiler replacement
If your radiators aren’t heating properly
You might only need to bleed them, which is free! Or it could be that deposits have built up in your system, hampering its performance. So if you’ve tried bleeding the radiators without success, a Gas Safe engineer can arrange a chemical Powerflush before any major damage is done. Powerflushes are far more cost effective than replacing the boiler, so try this first. If extensive corrosion has already occurred, it might be less straightforward. We’ll come back to this later.

Gas boiler cover vs replacement
If the issues are minor or low-cost
The ten most common boiler faults had an average repair price ranging from £85 to £259, according to Which? Among the cheapest to repair were a Thermocouple at £85, an Automatic air vent at £98, and a boiler ignition at £106. So if your boiler still has a few years of safe and efficient service left in it, it’s worth having an engineer fix the small problems before you consider cutting your losses. Source

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