Geothermal energy production – what are the benefits?

There has been a great deal of talk about geothermal energy production over recent years. Geothermal energy is a renewable form of energy that’s generally great for the environment. This kind of energy is taken from the earth and involves almost no emissions. It allows us to source energy without burning fossil fuels and can help us cut our fuel costs by up to 80%.

The advantages of geothermal energy production

Another reason why so many people are becoming excited about geothermal energy is that it is a constant source of energy. This means you don’t need to rely on sufficient amounts of wind or sunlight being available to get the energy that you require. It is available throughout the year. You can expect a geothermal heat pump system to use 25% to 50% less electricity than a conventional system that you might require for cooling and heating. Geothermal systems also require very little maintenance. Geothermal pump systems have few moveable parts and can last for around 20 years. 

The disadvantages of geothermal energy production

There are some small concerns about the relationship between geothermal energy production and the environment. The process of extracting geothermal energy from the ground can cause some greenhouse gases to be released. These can include ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. Nonetheless, you can expect much less gas to be released than when you’re relying on fossil fuels.

Is geothermal energy depletable?

Unfortunately, there are worries that there could be a substantial temperature drop in specific locations in the future. This could make it impossible for you to source geothermal energy in the coming years. Geothermal energy sourced from magma is non-depletable, but the technology for making this happen is not currently available. However, it’s expected that magma will be available for billions of years, which is why there is so much excitement about the development of this technology.

Are geothermal systems expensive?

This depends on your own specific affordability. Some households still don’t have the funds needed to drill and install these systems. Nonetheless, if you can afford to invest in a geothermal system, you can expect to see a rather quick investment. It’s said that most people can expect to see a full return on investment within 10 years. You will also need to have a sufficient amount of land on the external part of your property to install a geothermal system in the first place unless you’re installing a vertical ground source heat pump.

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