Get your home winter-ready

The colder months are on the way, but by taking action now you can prevent costly damage to your property. Read on for essential advice on getting your home ready for winter.

Protect your heating systems

Chances are you haven’t been using your heating very much at all over recent months. However, you may well find yourself turning up the temperature more and more over the coming months. Make sure your boiler is working, bleed your radiators if necessary and dust your filters and vents. You may need to have your boiler serviced to protect your household from carbon monoxide. The boiler’s pilot light may also need re-lighting.

Examine your doors and windows

Make sure all your windows and doors are shut tight, and seal any gaps between them. Re-sealing can help you prevent draughts and therefore avoid high heating bills.

Clean your gutters and sweep your chimney

Rubbish that has built up in your gutters can make them collapse during the colder months if you don’t clear them out. Now is also a great time to hire a chimney sweeper.

Take care of your pipes

By having your pipes lagged or insulated, you can keep heat loss to a minimum. This may also stop them from freezing and bursting. Keep an eye out for cracks and keep your heating at a low temperature when you are away from home so a safe, consistent pipe temperature is maintained. You will also need to find out where your stopcock is if you don’t know already. If you have a burst pipe and you can’t find your stopcock, you won’t be able to switch your water off. You can normally find this underneath your kitchen sink.

Use your heating controls

The controls that come with modern heating systems can come in very handy, especially during the winter months. They can ensure your system runs smoothly and that the right temperatures are reached during specific times of the day. They can also help you prevent burst and frozen pipes.

More winter heating advice

Sadly, emergencies can occur at any time. This is why it’s such a good idea to put a power kit together so you’re safe whatever happens. A power cut kit can consist of items like blankets, torches, candles and a battery-operated device like a radio. You will also need to take steps to prevent condensation within your home, such as keeping the kitchen door closed when you are cooking. You may also need to check your roof for loose tiles so these can be fixed before cold weather strikes. It’s also wise to upgrade your security systems. Crime tends to go up during the winter, with the darker nights making life easier for criminals attempting to access your property. Make sure all your doors and windows are secure and consider investing in security products like alarms if your budget can stretch to them.

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