Government pledges support for testing potential of hydrogen domestic heat

Hydrogen domestic heat

The UK Government has announced that it is committed to supporting and building hydrogen infrastructure that may include a role for hydrogen in domestic heating. Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth Greg Hands MP said the production of low carbon hydrogen was an essential part of the Government’s plans to become a net-zero carbon economy by the year 2050. Read more on hydrogen domestic heat below.

Hands said, “As well as supporting UK energy dependence, it will be a critical tool to help vital British industries transition away from expensive oil and gas and can provide greener energy for industry, transport and potentially, home heating as well.”

The MP made these comments during the recent Hydrogen for Life 2022 event. This took place in London and saw the meeting of various stakeholders linked to the production, distribution and use of gas. The event came after last year’s publication of the Government’s hydrogen strategy. This included details on various incentives and ambitions designed to ensure the country is generating 5GW of low carbon hydrogen by the year 2030. The Government also published its Energy Security Strategy earlier this year. This included a commitment to double the target to 10GW. A new target of ensuring half of the gas supply came from renewable sources was also part of the strategy.

The Government has suggested that 20-35% of the UK’s energy consumption could be based on hydrogen by 2050. The independent Climate Change Committee recently published a net-zero report. The report claimed that the Government had been falling short in its target to ensure all new gas boilers supplied from 2025 were ‘hydrogen ready’.

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