Heat and Buildings Strategy: The Latest

Late last year, the Government finally unveiled its Heat and Buildings Strategy. The plans outline what the Government intends to do to decarbonize homes and buildings in the UK. The Government aims to move to low carbon solutions over the coming years as the country moves away from fossil fuel-powered heating and hot water. 

One of the most interesting parts of the document tells us about the Government’s plans for heat pumps. Heat pumps are being viewed as essential tools in the plans to decarbonize UK homes. The document repeats the 600,000 per year install rate by 2028 first noted in 2020’s 10 Point Plan and Energy White Paper several times. This is the minimum number of heat pumps required to achieve Net Zero even if hydrogen boilers do become available. It’s thought that 50% of these pumps will feature in new properties built to the Future Homes Standard. Heat Pumps are regarded as vital for new build homes, off-grid properties and the properties of early adopters who want to make use of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. 

The Government appears to have accepted that capital, installation and running costs for heat pumps must be reduced if heat pump adoption is to rise. Measures being introduced to improve adoption rates include the £60 million Heat Pump Ready innovation scheme. The Government also wants to reduce electricity costs over the coming ten years by moving levies to gas from electricity. It says this will help cut heat pump operating costs. 

The role of hydrogen

Experts agree that hydrogen could be ideal for properties on the gas grid in need of a low carbon solution. However, there is much work required if a better understanding of the cost–efficiency and feasibility of hydrogen heating is to be gained. A decision on 20% hydrogen blending into the grid is scheduled for 2023. A decision on 100% hydrogen will be made in 2026. 

What do householders need to do? 

The document says no householder will be forced to replace their gas boiler with a heat pump. During the first three-year phase, funding is to be targeted at homes with the least energy efficiency as well as people experiencing fuel poverty. Funding will also be provided to homeowners who wish to benefit from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. More and more homeowners are now installing high-efficiency gas boilers with smart controls, with many now considering investing in heat pumps. 

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