How can a TRV save you money?

Are you wondering how a TRV can help you to save money? If so, read on. A TRV is a thermostatic radiator valve that enables you to adjust the temperature of your radiators in each room in your home. Having TRVs installed into your central heating system can help you to cut your fuel bills so you can run your property more efficiently.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) now requires that individual room temperature controls, such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves TRVs, are installed during the construction of new buildings, or when boilers are replaced.

How does a TRV work?

A TRV works by sensing the air around it. A TRV can regulate the water flow into the radiator which they are fitted to. If a room reaches the temperature which is desired, the radiator will switch itself off. However, if the temperature falls beneath what is required, it will switch itself back on again.

Why TRVs are so helpful?

Perhaps there is a room within your house that you don’t use as much as the others? If so, you can set your radiator to a lower temperature to save money, use less fuel and make your property more energy-efficient.

Many people prefer rooms like their bedrooms to be cooler so they don’t get too hot whilst they are sleeping. It’s common for people to require temperatures to be higher in places like lounges, dining rooms and study rooms. However, your preferences may differ. No matter how cool or warm you want a specific room to be, a TRV can assist you with this.

What to avoid with TRVs

It’s essential to avoid installing a TRV onto a radiator in the same room as a wall-mounted thermostat. This is because they will work against each other rather than with one another. Your thermostats should be located in cooler, more central parts of your home such as a hallway. If a TRV on a hallway radiator is set to a low temperature, the radiator could stop heating up quickly. This would mean your thermostat wouldn’t ever get the opportunity to reach the desired temperature. This can also cause parts of your property to heat continuously, which can make you feel uncomfortable and result in you wasting fuel and therefore money.

Who can help me install TRVs in the South East?

At Ability, we are ready to hear from you if you do want to install a TRV in the South East. We have a great deal of experience in this area and have assisted homeowners from all walks of life. Why wait any longer to get in touch?

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