How much is a new boiler?

The price you pay for a new boiler will vary depending on the type, brand and model of boiler you choose. In the tables below, we’ve displayed a range of prices for new boilers, and this covers all boilers of that type that are on the market in the UK. To get an accurate price for the model of boiler you’re interested in, take a look at our boiler reviews. To give you an idea of current boiler prices, we show you in the table below what you can typically expect to pay for different types of boiler including combi, system heat-only and system boilers. See our servicing options here

The cost of the installation will also vary depending on the amount of work the engineer needs to do to fit the boiler. If the installer needs to change pipework or alter the location of the boiler, this will add to the overall cost of the installation displayed in the table below. As well as paying for labour, the cost of the new boiler and a system cleanse, we would always recommend that you consider adding a filter, such as a MagnaClean, that will keep your system free of gunk long after the heating engineer has left. This should add between £100 and £200 to the cost of installation. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), which cost from around £15 per radiator, can also be an effective way to keep your system balanced and room temperatures comfortable. They can also lead to lower heating bills if used correctly, as they can prevent rooms you don’t use very often from being overheated. If you’re unsure what type or size of boiler you need, read our guide on how to buy the best boiler.



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