How to cut your energy bills by £145

With spring getting off to a frosty start and households across the country still being met with sizeable energy bills, millions of us are still looking for ways to reduce our fuel payments to more manageable levels. Although Ofgem has capped energy prices at £2,500, this is still twice what many average billpayers were forking out little over a year ago.

Advice from a British Gas engineer

Thankfully, there may be some steps you can take to reduce your energy bills if you are still struggling to cover them. An engineer from British Gas, Sunny Solanky, has offered a series of tips to billpayers finding it hard to pay their fuel bills. These include using draught excluders when your heating is switched on and drawing blinds and curtains. Solanky said many people didn’t think about how much heat they were losing through their windows and doors.

“Little wins”

Mr Solanky also advised people to avoid placing their sofas right against their radiators as this can prevent them from heating their rooms. He advised people to wrap a large piece of cardboard in foil and place it behind their radiators to prevent heat from being lost through walls. Mr Solanky also advised billpayers to be vigilant for frozen pipes as these can stop hot water and heating from circulating around your property. He also recommended that people invest in efficient insulation if they don’t already have it. The engineer said insulating pipes can prevent them from freezing and help you save around £20 a year. He said that putting the cardboard and foil behind radiators could save around £25.

Mr Solanky also said that draught proofing could save you around £100 a year. He said the recommendations he was making didn’t require a great deal of work or money but could save you a substantial sum. He described his tips as “little wins”, encouraging people to prioritise using draught excluders, placing the foil behind the radiators, ensuring their boilers remain efficient, keeping curtains drawn and avoiding blocking radiators.

Make your home more energy-efficient with Ability

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