Is the future of liquid fuel heating here?

Heating experts are predicting that the future of fuel heating could be on the horizon after EOGB launched the new Sapphire boiler in Northern Ireland. Read on to find out more about the Sapphire boiler from EOGB. 

The Sapphire boiler is being promoted as the heating sector’s first-ever fully-modulating, blue flame domestic liquid fuel system. The manufacturer says the boiler offers the best standard or energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction delivered by domestic liquid fuel boiler available today when it’s combined with Opentherm controls. The boiler uses OpenTherm technology to deliver smart connectivity. OpenTherm is an open standard digital interface that’s designed with today’s boilers in mind. 

Greater control and efficiency

In older heating systems, the boiler is switched on and off via a simple relay. When boilers are turned on, water is heated to a pre-set temperature until the thermostat instructs them to power off. This often means the temperature users aim for is missed. This can mean getting much less efficiency and control than you might require. 

OpenTherm gives boiler users a digital interface that enables smart thermostats to modify water temperature. The Sapphire boiler offers heating engineers to resolve issues faced by customers seeking to reduce their heating bills and cut their NOx emissions whilst using oil-based boilers. 

Sapphire boilers are manufactured via stainless steel and can be purchased in kerosene and HVO bioliquid ready variants. These blue-flame boilers use a much cleaner combustion process than conventional yellow flame burners. The Sapphire boiler is designed in a way that enables combustion gases to mix atomised fuel droplets and oxygen that’s drawn in through the burner. A clean blue flame with vastly reduced NOx emissions results. Training for the Sapphire is currently available as part of a collaboration between SERC, OFTEC Ireland, Newtownards and the manufacturer itself. 

How Ability can help 

At Ability, we are eager to hear from you if you are interested in investing in an energy-efficient modern boiler that will help you reduce your emissions and save you money in the process. We have been a leading player in our field for many years and have the experience and expertise needed to install and maintain the full range of modern eco-friendly boilers. 

We have strong relationships with a range of leading distributors and are both registered and approved by OFTEC, which is the governing body for oil heating. Our engineers are fully trained and qualified to carry out boiler installation work as well as servicing and maintenance. Talk to us today if you’re ready to bring a modern, energy-efficient and innovative heating system into your home. 

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