Local Commercial Boiler Installation puts a School back in the Hot Zone!

Local Commercial Boiler Installation

A Local Commercial Boiler Installation by Ability yesterday was a saving grace for a local school in Sevenoaks Kent. The principal congratulated us at Ability on meeting all the installation specifications requirements. We received congratulations, particularly for managing to get the whole job completed within the time frame specified.

The team here at Ability worked hard on the project from the design to the commissioning of the local commercial boiler installation in Sevenoaks and at one of the many Schools we look after on a regular basis.

We have contracts with local Charities, Schools, Nursing homes and Businesses in and around Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Its not just the private household industry we work for.

We do like to give everyone a prompt and professional service throughout the South East and the homeowner is the backbone of our regular workforce and so we always see that everyone gets treated with the same high quality workmanship that all our plumbers and engineers are trained to.

 A Certikin Local Commercial Boiler Installation

Another local commercial boiler installation was also completed this week for a private customer in Tunbridge Wells Kent. This was an external flue-less swimming pool boiler.

Certikin have been producing swimming pool boilers for many years now and have become market leaders in the design and manufacture of these robust and versatile boilers.

local commercial boiler installation
Certikin Commercial swimming pool boiler
local commercial boiler installation
Certikin Commercial swimming pool boiler

The Certikin 255 natural gas boiler heats a medium sized pool and sits outside the pool shower rooms and plant room, it is designed to cope with all seasons and weather.


Certikin Gas Heaters
– Fully C E approved for most European countries.
– 80% Energy efficient
– Special adaptor provided for PVC plumbing.
– Unitherm governor – eliminates condensation and scale.
– Easy to service and maintain.
– Resistant to wind & downdrafts.
– Can be installed indoors and outdoors.
– High wind tops for the 185, 265 and 405 models are available on request.
– Quick-fit electrics – see Pool Controller CCP04
– Note – Vent kits / stack less tops are supplied when ordering boiler.
– Cupro nickel heat exchangers are also available.

So if you would like your commercial boiler looked at or a new on installed we can do it all here at Ability.



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